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Hi guys. One of the best things we did to improve the functionality of the Shot Saver early on was to add a removable screen frame. In the original model, the screen frame was affixed within the casing of the Shot Saver and you had to order a new Shot Saver if you needed a different takeout screen for maybe, an abrasive size change you made. The removable screen also allows for inspection of the inside of the Shot Saver casing and of the wire screen itself. Purchasers of the Shot Saver have applauded this enhancement and many now have extra screens for their Shot Savers on hand for either wear anticipation or because of the fact they use the Shot Saver in a mobile application, moving the Shot Saver from location to location screening floor sweepings or vacuuming out the pits below the machines. What are some of the ways you are using the Shot Saver that we may not have considered? What future enhancements or accessories might you suggest to give this great, patent-pending device even broader application?