The Shot Saver can be installed directly on your discards hose to separate the dust and fines and route good abrasive either into a separate collection barrel or directly back into the machine. The Shot Saver can be used to separate your floor sweepings or the contents of your machine pit.


The Shot Saver is equipped standard with a powerful vibratory motor ensuring that the abrasive carries all the way through the device without plugging.


Unlike the other external abrasive separators and classifiers. Shot Saver is lightweight and can move from one machine to another without the use of forklifts or auxiliary carts.


The Shot Saver is constructed out of ABS renowned for its’ abrasive resistance and durability. The screen frame is removable so that you can inspect it for wear.


The Shot Saver is equipped with 3″ hose connectors but with common adapters from any hardware store can be fitted to any hose dimension your machine may have. There are clip points with rubber grommets that allow the device to be suspended from the girders or accept rods welded to the machine itself.


There are a number of components that can be added to the Shot Saver. A flow monitor can be attached to the outlet hose allowing you to realize exactly how much reusable abrasive is going back into the machine. Spare screen frames with new steel screens can be purchased as the screen frame is removable so that you can inspect it for wear.

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