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Blast App 2.0 Virtual Release Event

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Blast Guru pioneered Blast App technology with Blast App 1.0 and has now taken that technology to a whole new level with Blast App 2.0. A simplified user interface, a metric measurement option, a private branding option, and a new low monthly price are just some of the features we will introduce to the market during our 20-minute Virtual Release Event on October 30th, at 3 PM. You can register for the event at and we will send you a link the morning of October 30th to join YouTube Live at 3 PM.

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We are excited about the new release of the Blast Guru App. A simplified user interfaces primarily focusing on what customers have requested over the last few years.  Yes, we have additional tools for "industry professionals" that allow them to compare abrasives, blast wheel technologies, and robotic blast improvements vs. manual blasting.  These tools are available upon request.  We have added a metric option, now accepting international payments, and many more improvements to help you get the most out of your abrasive blasting process including live in-app support.