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Creative ways to use a Shot Saver

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The patent-pending Shot Saver is a very versatile tool. Besides the obvious purpose of screening reusable shot from the fines discards on a blast machine, we have customers using the device to screen shot reclaimed from the pit beneath the blast machine, screening floor sweepings, rolling the Shot Saver on a fabricated cart with wheels from machine to machine, and others using the Shot Saver to classify media for peening. What clever ways have you used the Shot Saver recently?

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During my over 35 years within the shot blasting and shot peening business, a challenging question was: “How recovering an expensive usable media remaining among the waste out from a large air wash separator integrated in a wheel turbine machine?”.

Sieving the total shot flow is possible, but so expensive to buy and maintain, that nobody will make it.

Since the flow at the waste of the air wash separator is much weaker, the idea is to work on it.

See attached how the Shot Saver can be placed in between the air wash separator waste exit and the waste bin, in order to bring the usable shot fraction back into the machine, at the foot of the bucket elevator.

The air wash separator efficiency is then improved by increasing the air suction to the dust collector and shot flow feeding the wheels, with minimal shot waste.

The main advantages are that:

  • less, or no dust is remaining inside the machine, with the consequences on spare parts consumption and process stability,
  • the shot consumption is minimalized,
  • the waste becomes recyclable as a valuable raw material and the cost of waste elimination is reduced or even 100% cut.
  • the shot flow increase is directly reducing cycle time or increasing machine speed and output.

The results are depending on the application type, the machine size and shot type and flow rate.

The more your application is consuming spare parts and generating waste to be disposed, the higher is the benefit. The lower shot consumption is good to take, but not so incentive as downtime and workforce reduction, waste management and quality improvements…

Hope this helps.

Please feel free asking for more information.


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Hey Gary,

Thanks for the comments on the patent-pending Shot Saver Device.  You are absolutely spot on!  In all my years at Wheelabrator and now on my own as a small business owner, I continuously see customers neglecting the separator system as it is often way up high and out of sight and out of mind.  Customers operate the blast equipment without truly realizing the importance of the separator.  I decided long ago, that no matter how I quantified the importance of developing a good abrasive mix by adding abrasive little and often and setting the separators up for proper removal size, customers seemed to be lacking in their willingness to maintain the separator as I would show up over and over again seeing the same results. 

Poor abrasive mix and significant abrasive waste costing them thousands of dollars. 

Thus we developed the Shot Saver device to control the take-out size, saving them thousands of dollars while helping keep the good usable abrasive in the machine longer to develop a more effective abrasive operating mix.

Productivity & quality gains at a lower operational cost is a win, win for our customers.  Some OEM's have considered implementing our Shot Saver with every new machine and providing the Blast Guru mobile app through the warranty period to ensure proper operation and control of the process.


"My why" is to help customers realize the true potential of the abrasive blasting equipment at a lower operational cost and leave them with something sustainable long after I'm gone to ensure a reliable, predictable process with minimal variance in quality and performance.


Thank You for joining. We look forward to your valued input. 


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