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Supplying World-Class products is simply not enough. Customers need more and expect more. Backing up your award-winning products with outstanding services is paramount. Blast Guru has capitalized on decades of combined expertise to create and provide services that span the gamut of abrasive blast industry needs. Our experienced personnel consistently deliver on successful implementations regardless of the service selected. Our technologies and processes ensure that the service you need is completed on time, on budget and on target. Examine the services listed below and imagine having an experienced coach leading the way in accomplishing your goals. Blast Guru also provides custom services. Just let us know your issue and objective and we will help you build a service solution. Use the contact section below to get things started.

Blast Guru O & M schools are designed to provide “Best Practices”  for operational improvements and maintenance improvements relating to the customer’s specific machine designs.

Blast Guru “Hands-On Blaster Training” for Wheel Blast and Air Blast applications will directly focus on productivity gains,  getting more out of the blast operators and the equipment they are using by improving operational efficiencies.

Blast Guru will bring in all necessary equipment and labor to film the customized training as it relates to your specific processes and machines. We provide operations & maintenance training for new employees to gain insight and knowledge at a faster pace when coming on board.

Blast Guru will take a look at your current blast operations processes and make recommendations… starting with the right people, asking the right questions, analyzing the responses, and finally acting with a clear plan utilizing the Blast Guru App platform to facilitate that plan.

A Blast Guru team member will come in, profile each machine within the app, and run all reports for each machine for a one-time baseline assessment. We will meet with the Blast Ops Team and put a plan together to successfully implement the app and examine the data derived from it. 

Create and Organize Machine Data, Manuals, Blast Guru Reports, and machine-specific training materials, placing each under unique QR Codes generated by Blast Guru – easily accessible to whoever scans the code.  This can be particularly important to the Blast Ops Team and to new hires. 

Blast Guru will work to electronically scan all machine manuals to organize and place into the QR Code File Management System for easy accessibility by Blast Ops Team Members.

Blast Guru can utilize your machine manuals to create a spare parts list for your blast machine components. Or we can take a customer provided spare parts list and upload the list into the Blast Guru App for use in Maintenance Tracker and the Mechanical Inspections portion of the app.

Trained Blast Guru personnel or preferred partners will come and fine-tune your abrasive blasting equipment, ensuring you maximize the efficiency of your equipment for productivity gains.

Blast Guru will provide installation services for the Shot Saver. We can provide electrical as well as mechanical services and provide myriad safety mounting options.

Most corporate problems come down to people problems… and their level of engagement within the organization.   Highly engaged, disengaged or actively disengaged employees can result in thousands of dollars, lost or gained, in corporate profitability. Enquire as to how this “Survey and Coaching” program can help your organization become more profitable, not just around your finishing operations, but throughout the entire organization.

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