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Intro into Blast Guru's Blast App

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This video will give you an idea as to what you can accomplish with our Blast App and how it can help you make your operation more productive, efficient and more cost-effective. Let us know what you think.

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Hey Stan,


Great Post.  While the Blast Guru app can do many things, It's important that people see it as 9 different apps within one.  It can be overwhelming at 1st glance with all of the different features, however with the structure of a Blast Ops Team Concept to meet around the many different features of the app; asking the right questions, analyzing the results and acting with a plan will help customers sustain a hi-level of sustainable operations with only normal variance.  Customers can contact me for a one on one consultation to get the most out of this app.  We will help with onboarding this process with O & M Schools, very specific on-site training videos and more to help you go from a manual process to digital transformation successful operations.