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Are you someone tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a blast machine? Wouldn't it be great to be able to use your mobile phone to enter the current condition of each of the key components of that machine...  rating each with a zero (shut this machine down, hazard to workers) to four (needs attention in the regular cycle)? To be able to add photos to your report from right within the app? To be able to generate a spare parts list from the entries made during your inspection? Wouldn't it be great if the app would then keep up with life predictability trends based on the time elapsed since that part was last replaced?

These are just two of the tools within the Blast App Suite called Mechanical Inspection and Maintenance Tracker. Schedule a call with us using the contact page and we can walk you through a demonstration of exactly how it works and how easy it is to use. 

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Hey Stan, 


The Maintenance Module is Three (3) great tools in one module focused on improving uptime reliability and ease of use.  If the proactive plan is followed:

(1X) Monthly Mechanical Inspections = Uptime reliability and ZERO Surprises for unplanned downtime!

AS REQUIRED - Maintenance Tracker = Learning the wear characteristics of the different components, managing inventory levels as the parts are used or received into inventory,  and tracking the reasons for the planned or unplanned downtime to properly allocate resources towards fixing the root problem.

Spares List - As parts are used in the Maintenance tracker, easily add parts to a spares list to send to favorite OEM Parts Suppliers for a quote.


Blast Guru offers setup, onboarding and even the up-loading of custom spares parts list into your specific app to make the transition easier on you for a very small fee.



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