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Best proactive plan for controlling an abrasive blasting application!

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A Proactive Plan or outline for controlling a self-destructive process removed link

The very nature of abrasive blasting involves abrasive particles traveling at speeds up to 360 FPS (wheel blast) & 750 FPS (air blast) velocity to remove surface contaminants. Given the self-destructive nature of this equipment, Blast Guru has come up with a proactive plan for managing and controlling the operations that we believe will help improve the life expectancy of the equipment and stabilize the process with only normal variations from time to time.

What does this “Proactive Plan” look like?

Is it complicated or is it easy?

Is there a guide?

Does it require operations or maintenance personnel to have specialized training or tools?

The Blast Guru Plan!

Ask the Right Questions!

Analyze the Results!

Act with a Clear Plan!


Notice the 1X or the 2X. These are monthly intervals to perform specific tasks as it relates to managing and controlling your abrasive blasting process.

What are some of your thoughts, concerning personal best practices, that you can share with our online community of abrasive blasting professionals?

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