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Best Dust Collector Filter Brand?

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Hey everyone, 

I’m looking for suggestions on dust collector filters. I’m putting a bid in on a job to replace some filters and was wondering if anyone had any particular brand they always stuck with?

Looking forward to what everyone has to say!

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Hey Matthew, 

I generally start with the OEM supplier of the dust collector, matching the filter media type to the application.  Filter media, such as Spun Bonded Polyester, is more expensive than say an 80/20 Blend or 100% Cellulose Paper Filter Media which is fine in certain applications, however, the Spun Bonded Polyester offers the greatest life, up to 4 times longer than cellulose. So if your customer is willing and understanding that they may not have to change the filters as often... especially with the price of labor with each filter change, they may be willing to pay up for the long-life filter and save the labor expense x 3.

Also, quite a few Dust Collector Manufactures such as Torit, offer Nanotechnology Filters.

Start with nailing down the following:

OEM supplier of the dust collector

Always. Always check to see if the Dust Collector is Grounded before working on it in any capacity during your visual inspections.

Application Type... Abrasive Blasting?

Is the dust explosive? - Look at the Blast Guru O & M School Info on Section NFPA-484-2019 Edition.

Do you need grounded filters?  

What type of dust is being generated?  size, type, hardness . . . .

What is the temperature range of the process?

Do they have good clean dry air to pulse the filters with?

After a thorough understanding of these parameters, you could seek out the OEM suppliers (who generally have pre-existing local reps) or secondary suppliers, who are willing to supply at a discount, to the OEM Suppliers, to be competitive.  In terms of brands, they are not difficult to find and due to pre-existing relationships I have, I'm going to decline to name any specific brand.

Always price in enough dust collector leak powder test (two different colors) to test for leaks after installation and any corrections made later after dust cake builds up or pulse cycle begins with the second color.

I hope this helps, be safe.




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